Psychology Software Inc. publishes computer programs and electronic books (ebooks) to help students and instructors, researchers, clinicians, parents, and the public use well-established psychological principles.

Our products for instruction in  psychology include experiment generating software for courses in cognition and perception, multimedia tutorials for use in General Psychology, and for students to use in writing experimental research reports.

Our testing products include  psychological tests and research tools for the researchers and practitioners, particularly those whose focus is on emotion testing and assessing dysfunction in affect processing.

Our parenting products include a variety of ebooks and software to help parents deal with troubled children and troublesome household issues.

Our self-helping products include ebooks on dream interpretation, winning tennis strategies, and (soon) on stress management.  

The Comprehensive Affect Testing System (CATS) uses the Ekman faces to assess dysfunction in emotion processing. 
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Laboratory in Cognition & Perception now runs on Windows XP. Click here for details.

The Student's Manual for Laboratory in Cognition & Perception is now available as an ebook Get it here.

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